Love and Knowledge

Love and Knowledge

When I was trying to write a poem first time, my friend advised me not to add trash in the Niagra of new books daily splashing in the world, the flood of which serves to sink the real gems of literature, knowledge, and original dynamic ideas of genius. I told my friend, although, men in general think they are civilized, they are essentially in their mind still esoterically primitive, in middle of dazzling, enigmatic modern questionable civilization and therefore the world is on fire. Love and knowledge only can extinguish this fire, not the incendiary art or science. From dark ages till today, the world and the common men have only cosmetically changed. I will not be able to change anything. But, if I can help even one person to come out from his dark, miserable, ancient abode in the spiritual light, I will be leaving my spiritual legacy behind and my soul will rest in peace.

‘Sufi’ Parmar

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